WHAT the hell happenned to blogger hero Jeff Oooi?

He was pretty mad with the Penang Electromagnetic Field Protection Coalition yesterday, threatening to use all Federal Laws, including the Sedition Act against them for questioning the state government about safety limits used to develop a wireless Penang.

When I spoke to him over the phone, he repeated all his threats, plus say he will raise this issue in Parliament on June 16. Wow, the PEMF group must be so thrill to be given (at last) NATIONAL attention!

Being mad is ok. But when that madness includes threatening others with sedition law, you wonder…huh? HUH???

No, no…this has NOTHING to do with THE STAR or UTUSAN spinning the news.

Is this because this group is pro-Gerakan? Jeff accused the advisor of the group of being a Gerakan person. But the coalition members say Jeff is acting like a Barisan man.

Why? because he so easily invokes all these so-called ‘federal laws’

Do you think Jeff’s statement is advantageous to Lim Guan Eng’s government? Now LGE has a lot of explaining to do.

Tsk. Tsk. READ: “Jeff Ooi lambasted over sedition threats”.